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LanChester Trailer is a dealer of Pace American Car Trailers and Rance Aluminum enclosed car trailers, as well as, Rance Aluminum, Belmont Machine, and LanChester Aluminum open deck car trailers. We have in stock several models to choose from for same day delivery. We also have the ability and resources to custom order any car hauler from our manufacturers to meet you needs. When custom ordering a car hauler, you pick the options, and make it suit your needs with the help of one of our knowledgeable sales associates. Give us the opportunity to show you an in stock car trailer, or quote the model you have been dreaming of before you purchase your next car hauler.
We are sorry, but we are currently sold out of all in stock units. Please feel free to fill in the form below to request a free quote on the trailer you were searching for. Thank You!

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Open Deck Car Trailers

Belmont Car Hauler Holmes Car Hauler We carry a selection of both steel and aluminum open deck car haulers. We carry Belmont Machine and Holmes Enterprises Steel open deck car haulers, and we carry Rance Aluminum and LanChester Aluminum, Aluminum open deck car haulers. All of the open deck car haulers are similar with slight differences in standard features. We can custom order all open deck car haulers to meet your needs, if our in stock models are unable to do that. All open deck car haulers come with a warranty, each warranty is unique to its manufacturer. Please give us an opportunity to show you what options LanChester Trailer Sales has available for your next open deck car hauler before you purchase.

LanChester Aluminum Car HAulerRance Aluminum Car HaulerCustom LanChester Aluminum Car Hauler

Enclosed Car Trailers

Car Hauler Enclosed Car Hauler We carry both Pace American and Rance Aluminum Car Haulers. Both brands come with similar features and options, and can be completely customized to meet your car hauling needs. These trailers are built with finished interior walls, floors and cabinets for the car enthusiast, or can come with a simple plywood & lauan interior for the recreational hauler. No matter what you are hauling, whether its an antique car, or a Race car we have a trailer to fit your needs. All Pace American Enclosed Car Haulers come with a three year limited warranty, and All Rance Aluminum Enclosed Car Haulers come with a five year limited warranty. Make sure you give us an opportunity to show you what Pace American and Rance Aluminum have to offer you before you purchase your next car hauler.

Race Trailer Race Trailer Finished Interior of Car Hauler

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