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Thinking About Trading In Your Trailer?

  • What's My Trailer Worth on Trade?

    There is no solid guide for trailer trading out in the market.It is all about the trailers condition and features. The industry has come up with a formula of deducting 20% off the retail price paid for the trailer the first year, and then deducting 10% of the value each subsequent year. This formula gives you a general idea of the value of your trailer, but its just a guide, and does not account for condition of your particular trailer. My advice is to be upfront with the dealer about what you feel your trailer is worth. At LanChester we do our best to come to an agreement with our customers on the value of their trailer. There are times when trailers being traded are not in demand, and unfortunately this causes dealers to decrease the amount they are willing to pay for the unit because they know it will not be a fast mover, and it will need to be priced very competitively to sell. Please keep in mind these major issues that will affect the value of your trade:

    • Aluminum vs. steel- Currently aluminum used trailers are hot on the used trailer market. An aluminum trailer will bring more value than a steel trailer even if they are exactly the same everywhere else. We are able to sell aluminum and steel units, but most customers like aluminum trailers because aluminum does not rust, and is usually lighter and easier to maintain.
    • Condition- Values rely heavily on the condition of the trailer. When we look over a potential trade in, we must check the brakes, lights, axles, tires, batteries, floor, and overall body to ensure the trailer will pass PA Inspection. If in the process of reviewing you trailer we notice the trailer needs 2 new tires and a breakaway battery to pass inspection, the cost of these items are deducted from the value of your trailer. Ask for a detailed list of the work that your trailer would require to be resold, if your value has been reduced due to condition. We at LanChester try to tell our customers of the potential work we see when looking at each unit, this helps our customer understand the value when it is given to them.
    • Warranty- Make sure you let the dealer know when they are evaluating your used trailer if the trailer has a transferable warranty, and what amount of time is left on the warranty. At LanChester we resell many Sundowner Trailers with several years left on the original manufacturers warranty, and the next owner will often be willing to pay a few dollars more for a unit with a portion of the manufacturers warranty remaining.

    Again, there is no absolute answer to the value of your trade. Be wise, and remember to speakup if you feel your trailer is worth more. Make sure you ask if the value has been reduced for work that need completed in order for the unit to sell. We strive to provide the customer with an accurate value based on the current market condition, the demand for that type of unit, and the condition of the trailer.

  • Can you really get more for your trailer privately?

    Frequently this is true. Our customers can possibly get $500-$1,000 dollars more if they choose to sell their trailer privately verses trading in. The downside to selling it privately is that the customer has to do the work. Depending on the value of the unit, it may require you to work with financing companies for your potential buyer, if it is financed you will have to pay the trailer off before the sale can take place, and you will not get a reduction in the taxes you pay on your new trailer. In Pennsylvania if you buy a $15,000 trailer and trade in your trailer that was valued at $5,000, you only pay sales tax on the $10,000 difference. This already saves you $300 just by trading in. You also have to add in the cost of advertising the trailer, unless you are able to get a buyer by word of mouth, or placing the trailer in your front yard. Usually the higher the value of the trade, the harder the trailer will be to sell privately. We encourage our customers to place a downpayment on the trailer they want, and see if they can sell their trailer privately in a few weeks if they choose too. If they are able to its great for them, if they cannot we are still able to give them the value of their trade after our shop has evaluated its condition, demand, and state of the industry.

Thinking About Buying a Used Trailer?

  • Is the trailer priced right?

    Look around and compare prices of units similar to the trailer you are looking to purchase before you make an offer, Most times you can find atleast 3 comparable units online, maybe not in your geographic area, but compable on year, make, model, and condition. We suggest to take the average price of the units found, and this is the price range you want your potential trailer to fall into.

  • What should I make sure to look at on the trailer?

    We suggest if possible to bring the trailer into a trailer service center, and pay the small fee in order to ensure there aren't bigger issues than you can see. Areas to pay special attention to when you are evaluating the trailer for purchase are:
    • Inspection - Does it currently have a valid state inspection? When does it need to be inspected again?
    • Brakes - Does it have them? In PA all trailers over 3,000 GVWR must have brakes on all axles.Do they brakes appear to be solid and in working order?
    • Floor - Is the floor solid without any rotton boards or rust holes?
    • Jack - Is the jack solid? Does it work freely?
    • Rust - Are there any physical areas of rust on the potential trailer?
    • Doors - Are all the doors in working order?
    • Latches - Do any latches need replace to safetly carry your cargo?
    • Windows - Are any broken? Any excessive leaking?
    • Frame - Is the frame of the trailer solid with no rust through?
    • Tires - Are the tires dry rotted? Do they have good tread?
    • Axle - Check tire wear, any uneven wear could signal a bent axle.
    • Coupler - Is the coupler broken? Does it work freely?
    • Ramp Door - Test the door up & down to ensure its working properly, and has no broken springs or latches..
    • Breakaway Battery - Is it working? Test it.
    • Wiring - What wiring hook-up is used, is it in working order when connected to a vehicle?
    • Roof - Is it free from leaks and holes?

  • Ask about inspection

    Does it come with a valid state inspection, and if yes how long ago was the inspection preformed? Would they be willing to get it re-inspected prior to your purchase for your peace of mind? At LanChester Trailer all of our used trailers come with a Pennsylvania State inspection that is done when you purchase your trailer, unless it is noted that the unit is being sold as is with no inspection. This gives our customers peace of mind that the trailer they are buying is road worthy and saves them $36.04 plus the cost of repairs on getting it inspected after the purchase.

  • Make an offer

    Found the trailer you want? Make an offer, and let the dealer or individual counter offer you. Without a standard for the value of used trailers, don't be scared to make an offer based on your evaluation and research of the unit. This is a big purchase for you, and you want to make sure its done right. Make the offer and wait for a counter offer. At LanChester we allow our customers to make offers on all of our used instock units, if there is any possible way for us to come to agreement and make the deal happen we will. It is our goal to get you the trailer you want at a price you can afford.

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